Saturday, January 23, 2016

Travel Cover - Advice for the Over 60's

By Patrick Chong
It's an unfortunate truth that people over the age of 60 encounter a host of disadvantages - including physical decline and the worry of impending retirement. However, there's absolutely no reason why this demographic should suffer financially too, in terms of paying more for comprehensive travel cover. There have been media reports regarding the unjustifiably high amounts charged by some travel insurance specialists for the over 60's, but it is possible to limit the expenditure if you pay attention to the details.

Policy Of Honesty

Some older people are fearful of disclosing medical information due to the risk of having to pay excessive travel insurance premiums - even considering setting off without the assurance of financial protection. However, it's quite clear that honesty is the better policy given the potential of incurring sizeable medical bills. Those travellers who sustain injuries and illnesses while abroad may have to pay thousands of pounds for quality medical assistance. They also face the prospect of having to foot the bill for repatriation or essential operations as a result of failing to purchase travel cover.

Specific Cover

Some insurers may refuse to cover older travellers with pre-existing medical conditions. However, other companies specialise in the provision of policies for people in this category. It's worth carrying out some online research and posing questions about the suitability of different policies via travel forums before deciding on one. Prospective travellers who are concerned about their health should also take the precaution of applying for the free European Health Insurance Card. An EHIC card may be presented for free or substantially discounted medical care in European countries - but with restrictions and guidelines in place.

Invest In Suitable Cover

Some insurers may attempt to lure customers with offers of free gifts and loyalty rewards, but prospective travellers should take care to only purchase entirely appropriate travel cover. It may be possible to save money and enjoy complete peace of mind without expensive policy add-ons, so it's a good idea to make a list of essential requirements. Winter sports or gadget insurance may be deemed extras in some instances, so be aware of what a policy does and doesn't cover.

The Issue Of Price

There is considerable variability in the price of travel cover for the over 60's, however it's important to resist policies that are seemingly too good to be true. Many are unlikely to guarantee adequate financial protection in the event of urgent medical or legal assistance abroad and some may include a very high excess. In some cases, it may make better financial sense to purchase annual travel cover - depending on the amount of travel undertaken within a twelve-month period. There is a wealth of valuable information regarding such issues on the leading financial advice websites.
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