Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Backpacking Is the Best Way to Travel

By Cody J Markin  
I'm addicted to backpacking. There are so many places that I want to go in the world and I really do not see a reason why I will not visit them. Backpacking the best way to travel in my opinion. The basis of it is to travel cheap which in turn makes your money last longer and extends your trip. Backpacking is not for everyone. It involves eating cheap (street food), sleeping cheap (hostels/guesthouses/couchsurfing), and traveling cheap (on foot instead of taxis). There are many reasons why I love to backpack and i'm going to try to narrow them down to five (in no particular order):

The feeling of being out of your element

Those of you who have been out of the country no exactly what I'm talking about. Its the scared/excited feeling when you get out of the airport and realize you're in a different place than what you are used. The signs are in a different language, the food smells and looks different, the people drive differently and look at you differently because they know you are not from here. Some may be wondering " why is this a good thing?" Well its really hard to explain but when you get this feeling you know that you better open up your mind get ready for an adventure you will never forget.

Time has no meaning

If I had to pick, this would most likely be my favorite thing about backpacking. There is no specific time you have to wake up and get out of bed everyday. There is no specific time you have to be here or be there. When you are backpacking you are free. Free to do what you want when you want and how you want. I like the saying " you have no where to be and everywhere to go". That sums it up perfectly.

Lugging around that heavy backpack

My backpack is much smaller than others but when i pack it, it gets packed full. I mean your backpack is the holder of everything you own while you are on the road so it better be able to fit it all. One of my favorite things to do is walk around with my backpack on regardless of how heavy it is. It feels good to have it on. It makes you feel like you're part of an elite club that doesn't have very many members.You're part of the backpacking club. Now, every time I'm at an airport I look around for backpackers. They are easy to spot not only because they carry a giant backpack on their back but they just have a certain style about them. It's hard to explain but they just look like a backpacker. It makes me jealous of them when I see them and i'm not with my backpack because they are about to go on an adventure of a lifetime. I just tell myself that that will be me one day very soon.

Street food

Street food is my favorite. Not only is it cheap but its authentic. Its what the locals eat. Whenever I go to another country I do my best to eat like the locals. Most of it is really good. In every country i have been to so far there has been the fast food chains that we are used readily available for all the tourists but why would I travel thousands and thousand of miles to eat like I do at home? I do my best to limit the amount a whoppers and big macs and Subway subs I eat while on the road but I'd be lying if I never eat them. I usually visit one of these chains once every 10 days or so. There's no doubt in my mind that if i had never left the country that I would have eaten scorpion, grasshopper, deep fried frog, whole octopus, maggots, and all the countless other great/horrible tasting things I've tried. But hey. at least I can say I've eaten those things! Can you?

Meeting great people

When you backpack its really easy to meet people. i mean, you already have one thing in: youre both backpackers. I have met countless of meeting during my travels so far. Some were just friends while on the road and others I talk to till this day. A great place to meet people is at a hostel or bar. This is why I try to book hostels that have a bar in it. You can meet people there very easily then if you get along well enough tag along in a group to the next city then go your separate way. Once you break out of your shell of talking to people it becomes real easy. I friends all over the world that will have a place for me to sleep if i'm ever in their neck of the woods.


I have done so many crazy activities that I would not have gotten to do if I didn't go backpacking. some of these include: scuba diving in Honduras and panama, climbing up to and being 2 feet away from flowing lava in Guatemala, white water rafting in Honduras, canyoning in Switzerland, canopy tour in Costa Rica, horse back riding in Nicaragua, elephant riding in Thailand, petting tigers in Thailand and much much more. Life is all about making memories and having stories to tell.

These are a few reasons why I love to backpack and I will always be a backpacker at heart till the day I die.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Kerala

By Pankaj Pk Sharma 
The fascinating Malayalam-speaking state of India has amazing attractions and beautiful scenery that are must to visit once in a lifetime. Alluring backwaters, scenic beauty of nature, architectural miracles, history and culture and much more are there in Kerala to must see. Therefore, we list some of the best and Top 10 Places to Visit in Kerala that you shouldn't miss on your Kerala tour.

1) Thekkady: 
Thekkay in Kerala has the country's largest wildlife sanctuary Periyar National Park. An ideal destination to consider for the rejuvenating nature's trip, enjoy the elephant rides, catching a glimpse of tigers and always something new.

2) Alleppey 
Alleppey is a world renowned backwater lane and situated in Kerala. Exploring breathtaking backwaters, magnificent views of paddy fields and boat races are seriously the mind blowing experience in the south-west state of India.

3) Poovar 
If you want to stay away from the throng and in search of something incredible, you should head to Poovar. What is more romantic and pleasing than exploring the panoramic view created at the meeting point of sea, river and lakes?

4) Athirapally 
When you are on Kerala tour, don't miss visiting Athirapally. This is nature's most relaxing and rejuvenating place as well as one-of-its-kind riparian ecosystem in Kerala. The majestic waterfall and picturesque species of fauna are worth to explore in monsoon.

5) Kumarakom 
This is one of the most serene backwater point and an ideal destination for houseboat cruising. Bliss for family and honeymoon trips, Kumarakom will be the right choice in Kerala if you are seeking solitude and desire to pamper mind & body in the lap of nature.

6) Devikulam 
Devikulam is a small, but totally fascinating hill station of about 5 km from Munnar. This is quite and serene hill station and a perfect destination for those looking varieties.

7) Padmanabhaswamy Temple 
Padmanabhaswamy temple is situated in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala. Although, it is spiritual points, but the temple is one of the best point to explore gold treasure in it as well as Dravidian style architecturally marvelous.

8) Kochi 
Being recognized as "Gateway to Kerala", Kochi is the most enchanting city having an eclectic influence. You will address architectural marks of the Arabas, British, Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese. Must visit the Kochi fort in your Kerala tour as well.

9) Wayanad

Wayanad is the "Green Paradise" of Kerala and one of the best sightseeing in the state. The place presents a blend of nature and heaven together. It is totally a mind-blowing experience to discover the exoticness and landscape, richness of tribal heritage and agricultural abundance and more.

10) Varkala 
Nestled at the bottom of the cliff, Varkala is a long stretch of sparkling beach. Its mesmerizing setting makes this beach side splendid enough to take your breath away.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Travel and Rejuvenate in Egypt's Cryptic Locale

Work and school drains the energy out of oneself. One works hard and earns money for his family's wellbeing. They make sure to look after the basic needs of their family and also the latter's wishes of travelling around the world. To travel around the best places in the world, one can approach their favorite tour operators and get their exotic booking done. These tour planners decide the number of days of travel within your budget. In places like Egypt where there is tourist abundance, these planners organize short and long trips for their bookies and make huge money for their services. Some of the most common tour circuits that are picturesque and speak about the bounties of Egypt that starts from the beautiful Sharm el-sheikh are discussed here:

Sharm el-Sheikh Tours

The Sharm el-sheikh which in other words is known as the bay of the sheikh is a peace laden tourist place in the entire Egypt. One can simply book a resort and enjoy the days and nights of Egypt staying close to the ocean. The Sharm el-sheikh tours of Egypt begin with arrival and checking in to a nice hotel or resort as per one's convenience. Post a comfortable check in, one can start their Egyptian travel by checking out the city's look and ambience. This place along with Namma Bay, Hey el Nour, Hadaba, Rowaysat, Montazah and Shark's bay forms a metropolitan circuit where plenty of peace conferences are held. The Sharm el-sheik airport is closer to many hotels and resorts hence many prefer to check-in at the ocean covered Sharm el-sheikh. This place is famous for its beautiful sea view and the hotels are well-known for their hospitality and delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Things to Do in Sharm el-Sheikh

There are plenty of things to do in Sharm el-sheikh and you might get confused which on to do first and which not. If you are interested in walking around in wet sand, you are at the right place. Also one can try out adventure sports like para sailing or para gliding at the Sharm el-sheikh. Apart from these adventure sports, you can indulge in plenty of sight-seeing around. The bazaar is decked up with shoes, spices and other items which are special Arabian delights and perfect souvenirs to pick to boast after going home. Enjoy the vibrant night life with a colourful and fun-filled beach party. And don't miss the amazing and rare tasty dishes to make your evening memorable.

Quad Biking In Sharm El Sheikh

Egyptian deserts are really very good to explore. To heighten the thrill and charm of exploring the mysterious and beckoning deserts, there are a number of desert adventure games which you can trys. One can have ample fun by trying out dirt bikes or quad bikes in the desert. Just zoom fast across the sand and see beautiful sunset or sun rise. For quad biking you do not need to possess any special skills. All you need to do is to learn maneuvering the quad bike and experience a thrill of riding such a ginormous vehicle.

Interesting tourist circuits and planned execution will make one's life at famous cities of Egypt easy and admirable. All one needs to do is to book their trip in advance so that they do not have any problem during their most favorable vacation. Now, what are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation in Sharm El Sheikh and get the most memorable time of your life.

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Enjoy The Best of Natural Splendours in Goa

Situated on the western coast of India, Goa is a state that stretches along the Arabian Sea. When most people think of the place, one of the first things that come to mind is its history as a Portuguese colony. The Portuguese arrived through the Arabian Sea and dropped the anchors here for the first time in the 16th century. It served as a strategic location in their pursuit of securing the spice route. The echoes of the colonial past of the state still seem to linger through 16th-century churches and cathedrals, old houses with Portuguese architecture, forts and spice plantations. Explore more of such places while spending holidays with Goa packages.

Over the years, Goa has earned a reputation for being one of the most vibrant places on planet earth. With pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, Konkani culture, laid-back lifestyle and an array of activities, it lures thousands of globetrotters every year to avail Goa travel packages.

The state is relatively small, but it can be divided into two categories for your convenience - South Goa and North Goa. North Goa is the main tourist hub and the place where all the action takes place. From loud rave parties at Candolim to the hip flea markets of Anjuna, this is a perfect destination for party people. South Goa comprises less-explored beaches like Palolem, Agonda and Benaulim. An ideal place for backpackers, the southern part of the state provides quiet time and an ideal setting to enjoy relaxed evenings.

Dudhsagar Falls

The magnificent waterfall, situated near the Goa-Karnataka state border, is undoubtedly the most impressive one to gush down the hills of the Goan land. With a height of approximately 600 metres, Dudhsagar is among the highest waterfalls in the country. If you see this natural spectacle from a distance, it looks like many streams of milk, flowing through the verdant forest. In a state, where the landscape is dominated by the open sea and sandy beaches, a visit to this waterfall is indeed a rejuvenating experience.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Away from all the noise and hustle-bustle of tourists, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is situated on Chorao Island. Named after a famous Indian ornithologist, this protected territory is a paradise for birdwatchers. Covering an area of approximately 1.8 sq km, it comprises mangrove swamps and the Mandovi River, flowing through. You can spot a variety of coastal birds along with jackals and crocodiles here.

Boat Cruise

If you are on a romantic getaway in Goa, then a boat cruise is one of the must-try activities. Cruising on a luxury boat in the Arabian Sea under the natural canopy of twinkling stars or the shining sun is sure to overwhelm you and your special someone.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

5 Best Places to Travel in Your Lifetime

By Yuriy M
Tourism can be fun and an adventure of a lifetime. Spending quality time with the family at one of the world's best places can be fun too. If you are planning your next vacation and looking for popular travel places, here is a list of the 5 best places to travel in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef

This is the greatest coral reef ecosystem of the world and one of the best places to travel to in Australia. This coral reef ecosystem is made up of living organisms and supports well over 10,000 species which includes 1500 different kinds of fish.

The South Island Of New Zealand

This part of New Zealand is known for large beach forests, broad plains, golden sandy beaches, spectacular fjords and is characterized by impressive open landscapes. The south Island is one of the best places to travel in your lifetime because it attracts thousands of people. It has 10 national parks which incorporate lakes, fjords, coastlines, world heritage sites, superior hiking tracks, native forests and glaciers.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the best places to travel in the world. It is a steep sided gorge which is carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona in the United States of America. Each year, close to 5 million tourists visit this destination. Summer, mild spring and fall are the best time to visit this place and there are many people who also believe that this place is worth visiting during the winter as well.

Cape Town

Cape Town, which is situated right at the peak of the African Continent, is one of the best places to travel for vacation. Here, you will get a chance to experience a unique range of scenic national surroundings and multicultural lifestyles on your own. This travel destination is filled with tourists during the summer who come to enjoy its hot weather, beautiful scenery and sunny beaches. Being one of the best places in the world, it is often crowded with tourists and therefore it is always important to make prior reservations before visiting.

Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies is among the best travel places in the world that you can visit in your lifetime. This travel destination has numerous outdoor opportunities, world class resorts, national parks and many more highlights. The best time to visit the place is during winter because it is then that you can enjoy sports such as skiing and snowshoeing.

If you are really looking for best places to travel [http://www.mytopplacestotravel.com], then I strongly suggest you to visit our wide collection of famous places [http://www.mytopplacestotravel.com/attractions]. Here, you will be able to pick up few tips regarding the wonderful places you want to visit.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Travel Diet Tips - Lose Fat and Eat a Healthy Diet While Traveling (Fat Loss Advice For You)

By Randy Rios
Sticking to a healthy diet and managing what you eat while traveling can be one of the most difficult things for people to accomplish. Eating out brings an endless array of problems to those already struggling to lose fat and gain muscle. For those "special people" who can eat everything they want and not gain fat - I commend you. You are dismissed. As for the remaining 99.9% of us, we need guidance and strict regiment in our fat loss diets. However, if you learn how to make smart choices, a healthy fat loss diet is readily available just about anywhere. Needless to say, your first day of vacation travel is probably not the best time in which to start a weight or fat loss diet, but if you are already making healthy food choices, modifying your diet slightly to accommodate travel can be an easy an rewarding experience.

If you are traveling my airplane on a flight that will last less than four hours, save yourself a few bucks and save your calories for after you arrive at your destination. You only have so many calories you can eat before you reach that limit where your body starts storing calories as fat reserve. Besides, you don't need to spend your hard earned money or your daily caloric limit on over-priced tasteless food. Just drink bottled water, chew sugar-free gum, and wait until you arrive where you are going. You will be glad you did.   If your flight is taking you for more than a three or four hour ride, ask your travel agent about your food options and insist upon the vegetarian dish. Vegetarian dishes are sometimes more nutritional and will contain less animal fat, which generally means less calories. Remember, you are sitting still while on the plane - your caloric burn will be very low, so if you must eat, keep it light and keep it low calorie - and sugar free. Use some common sense and you will not only continue to lose fat while on vacation, but you can save money too. For instance, if you can eat a healthy meal before you arrive at the airport you are one on the right track. Take a zip lock bag full of veggies and remember to pass on the alcohol. That's right - no booze while trying to lose fat.

Did I mention that you are trying to eat healthy?   Also, when driving or taking a bus, you may be tempted to stop at fast food restaurants. Big no-no.  Avoid fast food at all costs!  I know that while on vacation, you may wish to splurge a tiny bit, but having fast food more than once a week can hinder your fat loss and play havoc with your metabolism.  If you must eat at a fast food restaurant, choose the healthiest options available, like skinless chicken breast, salad, and sugar free drinks.   Don't forget that you can also can prepare and take your own food when traveling. Whole-wheat or pita bread, some lean sliced turkey, and fat-free cheese with yellow mustard is a great way to avoid high-fat and high-cholesterol junk food binges.  Make sure you take an ice cooler or arrange for a refrigerator in your hotel room so you aren't forced to eat out.

Let us not forget about making smart choices for our fat loss and muscle gain goals.  If you choose salads or pasta always ask for the dressing on the side and don't be afraid to ask about low-carb options.  In fact, many restaurants print nutritional facts directly in the menu for the health-conscious people.  Always control your portions. You can do this easily by ordering lunch menu sizes or splitting the meal in half and saving the rest for another meal. If you never eat the entire meal served to you when eating out - and you will be successful in losing fat.   Yes, eating healthy and being successful in food choices when you travel can be a challenge - but it is all about perspective.  Believe me, your health and future wellbeing is worth the trouble.  When you eat the right foods, in the right amounts, you will be helping your body fight illness now and in your later years. Besides, you can eat literally anywhere - so why spend all your time obsessing about food? Get our there, enjoy your vacation with some activity other than dining out. Enjoy your trip and eat for your health at the same time. You'll be glad you did.

Quick Tip: Give up on the fat loss and bodybuilding Gurus! There is NO magic, no DVD course, no piece of equipment, pill, powder, or shake that's going to make you successful in your fat loss or muscle building goals overnight. Are there strategies that can accelerate and boost your efforts? Yes, Absolutely. But is any "Instant Perfect Body" solution going to get you where you want to be? Absolutely not...and if anyone tells you otherwise they are trying to sell you something you DON'T need and DON'T want....I promise.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gambia Travel Advice - How to Avoid 'Bumsters'

By Mike M Armstrong 
The Gambia is an ex British colony situated on the west coast of Africa, just 6 hours flying time from London. I have lived in The Gambia on and off for over six years (running a cultural music school) and I rate The Gambia as being one of the best travel destinations in the world.

The Gambia is such a colourful country and it is known as 'the smiling coast' to those in the know. For many years, however, it has been set back by an ongoing problem; that of 'bumsters'. Bumsters are local people (mainly young men) who prey on the ignorance and good-naturedness of tourists to extract money from them and it is often fuelled by the need to obtain drugs or alcohol. I've travelled to many countries in the world but I have never seen tourists hassled so much and so intensely as I have witnessed in The Gambia. It is a problem with its roots buried in the social structure of the country and it is a problem that will not easily be removed.

That aside, however, it is still a great place to travel to and the following advice should make the average tourist more resilient to the ways of the bumster.

You are particularly vulnerable to scams in the first few days of your holiday, when your skin is untanned and the local bumsters know you are new in the country. As you develop a sun tan and an attitude and air of confidence, you will get less hassle from the small operators, but you are still very vulnerable to expensive scams and practised conmen.

Be particularly careful over the 'really nice stranger' scam, many will play a very long waiting game ( several years) to gain your confidence before attempting to take advantage of your generosity.

They will use letters, send cards, make phone calls and use emails and faxes, they will use friendship, concern, love and sex and they will do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with you with a view to extracting money from you. DO NOT give out your email address unless you want to be faced with many months of persistent approaches.

Sometimes a local will approach you and say "It's me, Lamin, the gardener from your hotel" - They know that Europeans will do almost anything to risk offending someone but you have to be savvy to this approach. A great tip here is to say "ah yes, Lamin, didn't I lend you fifty Dalasis yesterday? Where is my money?" You will receive a very curious look followed by a swift departure!

The best advice, however, is to quickly learn to say "NO"!

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