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How To Select The Best Travel Nursing Agency

By Dolson McArt 
Nurses are badly needed in each and every part of this world. As a proof, a massive recruitment of either male of female nurses is happening now. A number of nurses love their work while others find it very tiring especially if there are many patients coming in and out of the hospitals who need their assistance. Despite the high salary that nurses received from their work, some other nurses are not yet satisfied with their job that is why they are still searching for another job.

Since many nurses want to enjoy while doing their job, many have tried this travel nursing. It is a growing profession indeed and has attracted numerous nurses to be a part of this new system. Most of the nurses who have applied on this are those who have the passion to travel. In travel nursing, you perform your job as a nurse and at the same time you get the chance to visit different places and to meet new faces. Ideally the set up for travel nurse is like this: for the period of two to six months, a nurse travels to diverse places and stays at a deluxe hotel for free. Salaries are being paid but of course you still have to perform the duties of being a nurse.

If you were a nurse, will you let go of this opportunity? Surely, you do not want to be left behind and will take this rare opportunity of enjoying and earning while working. However, despite these enormous opportunities and advantages, some nurses reject the offer and prefer to work in the hospital. I am wondering why they let go of this chance while we cannot ignore the fact that everybody wants to travel and experience this kind of opportunity. Through some research conducted with nurses who have previous experiences to be a travel nurse, studies found out that they have some negative incidents in the past. Problems arose not from the places they have visited or people they met but with the agency they have worked for.

Each and every nurse has their own story to share. Some of the travel nursing agencies who hired them have not yet paid them fully. There were also failed promises such as unfulfilled benefits and the like. There were also some travel nurses whose lodging was not properly provided for. Sometimes the travel nurse agency was impolite and insensible. Due to these experiences, they transferred from one agency to another.

With these lessons in the past, it is necessary to background check the agency you are applying for. Make sure that you will receive what is being offered to you in the package. Most nurses' primary concern is the salary they will receive from doing the job. They prefer to receive higher salary.


Salaries offered to nurses mainly depend on the location of the job. The farther is the location, the higher is salary offered. The costs of living in the area and tasks or assignments are also considered when estimating the salary.

Bigger salaries mean bigger responsibilities. Nurses who are assigned in areas with limited facilities receive significantly higher salaries. If you are highly paid then expect for a large number of patients to be handled. Countless workloads and worse scenarios are anticipated for being well paid.

Benefits other than Salary

There are some companies who offer low rate salaries but compensate it with more excellent benefits. Rental rates in luxury house are priced lower. While there are other companies who offer free accommodations in apartment.

Nurses should carefully scrutinize the salaries and other benefits offered to them. There are some agencies that are promising too much but fail to fulfill it in reality. Every nurse should be extra cautious when looking for an agency for him to enjoy his work and receive the exciting benefits of travel nursing.

Customer service

Aside from salaries and other benefits, a travel nurse agency must have a customer service department who will look after the concerns of nurses.

Featured Locations and Hot Spots

Just like any other business, location plays an important role in decision making. It is also true in travel nursing. Sometimes, the decision to go on travel nursing depends on the place where a nurse will be assigned. Some nurses are assigned to beautiful places and they got to see the tourist spots. But not all locations they will offer are tourist spots.

If you are a nurse and want to practice your profession and want to become a travel nurse, then here are the important things you have to do and might lead you to fulfilling your dream. The first thing that you have to do is to scout for as many travel nursing agencies as you can. Inquire for the salaries, benefits, customer service and featured locations of each agency. Make a careful study of the offers of the agencies because your future depends on the agency you will choose to work for. Then from then on, you can now decide which agency you will select. Next, you can mail them your resume and references on line. If you passed their screening criteria, you will be given a notice of your scheduled examination and you will be invited for an interview by recruitment consultants. Prepare for the exam and the interview because these will be your passes in reaching your dream of being a travel nurse and fulfilling your wish of being paid at a high rate and traveling to different places.

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