Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jamaica Travel Tips: You're Jamaican Me Crazy With These Jamaica Travel Tips!

By Chris Thompson 
A savvy travel guru will know that Jamaica is a must-see for any bucket list. The cliff divers of Negril, Blue Mountain coffee and coconut water fresh from the coconut are just some of the Jamaica travel tips you need to see and taste while you are on this island paradise.

Sit with a tropical drink at Rick's Café and watch as daring divers leap from the cliffs of Negril into the clear waters below. Or, if you feel lucky, you can join in the fun. Divers do warn that once you have jumped, one time is never enough. It's addicting- kind of like a vacation in Jamaica. Who would have thought that these Jamaica travel tips would be famous? These cliffs may look familiar. They have been the backdrop in many action movies including James Bond's Thunderball.

Travel gurus will also want to explore the sea caves at the cliffs. Go inside for some spectacular scenery. Pristine water, amazing marine life and warm Caribbean waters flowing through tight and wide openings make this a snorkeler's paradise.

The Jamaica travel tips need some sand, right? The famous Seven Mile Beach is a short drive away and offers plenty of white sand, warm waters shallow enough to lie in and loads of places to eat and drink along the beach. This beach is a party after the sun goes down with live reggae music and people dancing on the beaches.

Jamaica is famous for their rum and plenty of vendors offer samples of the rum punch. Made from sugar cane, rum comes in many varieties and Jamaicans have several distilleries on the island. Producers like Appleton Estates make dark and white rums and combinations of the beverage. These Jamaica travel tips aren't just about enjoying the best rums in the Caribbean. Jamaica is famous for another great beverage that is wildly popular and very pricey- Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Jamaica's Blue Mountain is where the world's best coffee is grown. 3,000 meters up, where the air is clean and the nights are cool, coffee beans flourish. The plants grow some of the richest coffee anywhere and the price reflects the taste- rich. Tour the mountain by bike, jitney, bus or car. Go and see the plantations where this world-famous coffee grows. Watch the process from plant to supermarket. If you get lucky, you may even get to purchase a bag or two to take home with you.

Ocho Rios in Jamaica is home to gorgeous clear water, beautiful beaches and Dunn's River Falls. Hike up the waterfall (be sure to wear water shoes as the rocks are very slippery). Tropical Bird-of-Paradise flowers and other lush vegetation grows on the sides of the waterfall. From the top you can look out over the island and into the cool waters far below.

Of course, these Jamaica travel tips would not be complete without discussing the most popular (and most famous) Jamaican of all time: Bob Marley. Jamaica is home to plenty of Bob Marley reggae music fans. A reggae fest every year draws people from around the world for a major party with dancing, rum and all kinds of music. It's irie mon!!

A word to the wise: Jamaica is non-stop fun, so you better be ready to experience all the sights, sounds and tastes this beautiful island has to offer. Come and experience Jamaica, from high mountains to expansive cliffs to gorgeous blue Caribbean waters. Don't forget these Jamaica travel tips when you book your flight, because Jamaicans will be ready to welcome you to their party today!

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